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“Who is Emma Golden?” is the reader’s oft-asked question. “Is she you? Did you make her up? Do you know her?”

First, let’s suppose Emma is all of the above. I don’t think there is a novelist alive that doesn’t put some of his or herself into her characters. But, more important, Emma is herself, a stand-alone character with a vivid back story. And it’s who she is that gets her into the jams that enliven her stories.

The best summary of Emma to date comes from reviewer John Valeri of the Hartford Examiner, who summarizes:

Emma Golden herself is quite the character–and one that readers will look forward to meeting again…She is stubborn but solicitous, self-righteous but self-appraising. She also has a habit of running off at the mouth–an impulse that, while duly noted, she still can’t seem to control. While Emma can be a bit off-putting, it’s her sense of justice that motivates,and often redeems, her. (And let’s face it–what’s not to love about a character that summons the”shit fairies” for advice and fends off intruders with a toilet plunger?)

Finally, the first name of my main character is in honor of my great aunt Emma Emes, who lived nearly 94 years, lied about her age, and taught me a great deal.


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