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The end of April I took on a new project with (Click on the Examiner thingy and you will access my page. The kids already know this but often we fossils need instruction!)

First thing y’all must know is that I am doing this for charity, at least so far. But for me, every time I go into a restaurant I want to tell people about it.

Projects such as this one give me a reason. The journalism training is there. Why not take a break from fiction and use it? I am good at this, yet save for a couple of wine books I have not had a regular writing gig in nearly 14 years. 

And, in times of high stress I typically pile on more work. That is not always a good thing, but in this instance it feels OK. I look at it as a break.

In the past three weeks, I’ve turned out seven reviews, all of which were fun eating and fun writing. I have some flexibility here; I feel as if I am at home in this little job; and, I hope to teach and delight (thank you, Sir Philip Sidney, you pretentious old fart).

Now for the good part. Y’all can participate! Simply send me your ideas for great ethnic dining experiences in the greater Portland area. You can comment below, or shoot me an email. The address is I look forward to hearing from you and sharing this wonderful experience with as many folks as possible.

Meanwhile, to subscribe to my reviews, simply use the link, find the subscribe button, and click. Once a subscriber, you will be notified personally by email every time a review is posted. How fun is that? Easy, too.

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