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In a lonely mansion on the English moors ca. 1840s a Moor Hen bangs into the parlor window with a resounding thump. Agatha (Dana Millican), her younger sister Huldey (Jen Rowe), and A Mastiff (Paul Glazier) turn their heads toward the window. (Something must be done about those infernal birds.) They are awaiting the arrival of the new governess Emilie (Sasha Neufeld) who was hired by their brother, the mysteriously absent Master Branwell.

Something isn’t quite right in Jen Silverman‘s clever and twisted Victorian gothic, The Moors, now streaming through October 24 at The Theatre Company. Marjory the parlor maid (Lorraine Bahr) has typhus; Mallory the scullery maid (Lorraine Bahr) is pregnant; A Mastiff falls in love with A Moor Hen (Kelly Godell). And while gender politics rattle the old mansion’s rafters, one is left wondering what really happened to Master Branwell?

Jen Rowe and Brandon Woolley, The Theatre Company founders and co-artistic directors.

The Theatre Company is a new Portland theatre company launched in 2019 by Jen Rowe and Brandon Woolley, both well-known names in Portland theatre circles. Their first production, The Moors, was slated to open in March 2020. We all know how that turned out. And so, they launched the theatre’s inaugural season online this October. A second streaming play, Vinegar Tom, will open on October 30.

This is a whacky and fun play that will upend your notions of love, convention, power, and the English moors. Brandon Woolley directs The Moors. Creative team includes Nicole Gladwin, stage manager, Adam Smith, sound design; Justin Phelps, sound engineer/mixer; with original music direction by Merideth Kaye Clark. Tickets are $10 and are available here.

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