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I haven’t talked much about my new novel lately–The Man Who Wasn’t There. I’ve been too busy getting it finished. Because my writing schedule is so weird, I often need to go back over material, which always necessitates some editing, before moving forward. I don’t know how many other authors do this, but it works for  me.

The good news: I’ve got maybe two chapters to finish the book. The ending is driving me crazy, as endings always do, but there will be a completed draft within days.

Then there will be a rewrite–or six. For some reason, I absolutely love rewrites. Sections can get moved. Pithy quotes have the opportunity to become pithier. What I usually need to do in rewrites is fill in each character more with details such as body language, facial expressions, characteristic gestures that repeat themselves. Emotions. I’m horrible with emotions/feelings, and my first drafts tend to be a bit wooden because of it.

And that’s just the writing part. Last week my buddy Jennifer King took my picture. Jen has a passion for photography and is particularly good at portraits. We spent an hour in the back yard. Here’s the photo I chose for the back cover of The Man Who Wasn’t There. Cover portrait The ManWeird thing: I posted this photo and got more hits on my Emma Golden Mysteries Facebook page than I’ve ever gotten before. I’m stunned.

Much more is going on behind the scenes. Aaron Yeagle, my Author Platform Guru, has been busy putting together audio books for the first two Emma novels. You can visit this YouTube link to hear samples of what we’ve got. Aaron also is the cover designer for the new book. We chose a photo by Doreen Wynja, a McMinnville photographer I’ve worked with over the years, and Aaron is putting together the best cover ever! I am totally blown away by the SEO stuff he is doing, too. That stuff is like wizardry to me. I don’t understand it, but I’m grateful to know someone who does.

If I’m quiet about the book for a bit, don’t worry. That just means I’m working real hard to get ‘er done. I’ve also been having the time of my life reviewing plays. The Portland area drama scene is just incredible, and I find myself immersed. It complements what I’m doing here, and can only help to make me a better writer overall.

It takes a village to publish a book, y’all. I am surrounded by talented and creative folks to help me make this happen. Thanks to all of you helpers, friends, and readers for being here and having my back. More anon.

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  • Margie Hurle says:

    Yes, great pic!

  • Betsy Holzgraf says:

    Judy, I enjoyed reading your recent review of Cyrano. You mentioned above that you’ve been “reviewing plays.” Are you posting other reviews? I’ve only seen the one of Cyrano. I’ve been frustrated for several years by the scarcity of reviews and/or reviewers of local theatre productions in our newspapers.

    • Judy Nedry says:

      Thanks Betsy. I began reviewing plays a couple months ago. You must have missed some of my blogs somehow. You can go to my web page,, and visit the blogs section to see previous reviews.

      I believe I have been given the opportunity to see these plays because the traditional media coverage has been so horrible recently. The Oregonian just gutted what was left of its “Arts” department, which I find very sad. So I guess I’m part of a new trend of non-traditional reviews. It is very rewarding for me to do this, takes me back to the journalism days.

  • Leonard Wickwire says:

    I can understand the raise in people visiting your web page after seeing the picture. Once they see the lady behind the books they want to know more about her. For myself I’ve always enjoyed looking at you Judy. You’re still looking good.
    Oh yes the book, you can count on me buying at least one copy, and likely 2. Will those audiobooks be with by chance? And have you looked into an appearance on AM NW?

    • Judy Nedry says:

      Leonard, it’s so great to hear from you. And thanks for the nice compliment. The audiobooks, when available, can be purchased from my web site. Not certain yet where else they will be available. As of right now, we’re hoping to have e-books available end of May. Paperbacks about a month later.

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