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The Divine Craziness. Of making something, of hitting a vein. Everybody should do this. Give a kid Play-Doh and see what will happen. Once I carefully arranged a bunch of old crayons on a Masonite board and baked them in my mom’s oven, and then I stirred them around. Art. My poor mother. Channeling Jackson Pollock? Like I even knew who he was at age 14. He got famous, I didn’t.

Try a new recipe. Paint something on a wall. Write a poem. Sing a song. Write down your wildest and most impossible dreams10647209_10201806934974695_3406313970815484087_n[1]. Write of passionate love from a wheelchair.

Yes and Amen.

Congratulations to Portland’s Literary Arts on 30 wonderful years of your lecture series, the biggest in the U.S. Your 30th anniversary celebration was a huge inspiration.

Colin Meloy

Calvin Trillin

Zach Schomburg

Elizabeth Gilbert

Bella Trent

And to present executive director Andrew Proctor, and founding executive director Julie Mancini, thanks!)

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