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Writers all discover, some sooner and some later, that there is much more to writing books than writing books.

Often we discover, to our chagrin and even horror, that authors must/are expected to promote their own books. Where did that come from?, we wonder. Don’t those publishers have rooms full of people to do that for them. Well, yes. If you are Mary Higgins Clark or Nelson DeMille. The rest of us can go fly a kite, basically; and if your first book doesn’t sell, don’t think you are ever going to get them to publish another one.

I’m one of those people who loves to sign books, talk to people, and even write press materials. Where I get into trouble is with that cyber-space crap. I have called myself a “technical moron.” This isn’t even close to half-true, and in fact I can out social media 75 percent of my peers. But trying to get this blog into the email boxes of my subscribers has brought me to my knees.

I write a blog because it is part of what writers do to promote themselves. It’s called branding. It is necessary. It is fun. Until it is time for getting it out. I have a guy working on the delivery part (read technical) for me. This is what he does for a living. I do everything he says, he pushes some keys, tells me the thing is set to go out, so I send it. Nothing.

This has driven both of us, but me in particular, crazy for several weeks now. His last email to me even had the “f” word in it. We no longer are messing around here. This is war. If y’all don’t receive this one I am going to call in one of Cliff Baker’s high-powered hunting rifles from the pages of the novel and all hell is going to break loose.

Wish me luck.


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  • Nadine Luther says:

    I even love reading your blogs! I got it through FB, not email, however. You’re a lot braver woman than I am….I just read “stuff” and don’t mess around with the technical arena. I’m a “techno-dummy”. Looking forward to your next blog! N

  • Mary Ward says:

    Hi Judy! I did order your book about a month ago, used Pay Pal, but have yet to receive the book. I am still anxiously awaiting it so I can read it. Thanks! Mar

  • Kier Hartwig says:

    Success!!! I got your blog notice via my email account! Sorry too hear you have had “technical difficulties” as they are in deed very frustrating! However, your recap made David and I laugh out loud! Hang in there…and keep on writing.

  • Betsy Holzgraf says:

    Crisis averted; we got your post via email. First one we’ve received so hope the kinks are worked out and we get more.

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