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I am way past due letting y’all know what’s going on.

Made my second trip to Podhah’s Pit Barbecue with Pat this morning. Last time I was there I went conservative with the Podnah’s breakfast–two eggs, grits and a biscuit. Podnah’s makes the best biscuits I’ve ever eaten, bar none. They are made with butter. They are flakey and substantial. One is a gut bomb. Two could feed a third world village.

I was all set to get that today, when my eyes wandered to the specials on the chalk board. There was prime rib. Too early. And there was the chanterelle plate with ham, eggs and grits. Podnah’s smokes their own meats, and I assume this goes for the ham as well. “I believe I’ll have the chanterelles,” sez I, and the guy at the table next to us lit up.

“The owners went out last week and came back with tons of chanterelles,” he said. “Everybody is here for the chanterelles!” And from the looks of it, the mimosas and red beer and what-have-you at nine in the morning. Good story material.

The plates arrived–lean delicately flavored ham topped with a generous serving of grits that had been cooked with plenty of cream, two eggs over medium, and a great pile of chanterelles sauteed in butter then mixed with a milk gravy. We’d ordered biscuits on the side as well–totally superfluous but with the house made raspberry jam who’s  to scorn superfluity? And is that even a word?

So I’m just telling you what we ate this morning. I ate more slowly than normal. Every bite, every bite was drop-dead delicious.

Podnah’s  serves breakfast weekends only; lunch and dinner are available daily. Check out the web site, The service is so nice, and they make good coffee, use cage free eggs, and do all the good stuff we expect when dining in Portland. Prices are very reasonable, and it’s a great NE Portland neighborhood hangout.

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