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The world has changed again in the brief time since my last newsletter. On Labor Day, September 7, the hot winds began blowing in western Oregon–you know, like those ones California has endured since forever. And then, wildfires erupted the length of the state. If y’all live around here, you know what I mean. Several towns burned to the ground. And there was the smoke–nearly two weeks of it before it was safe to go outdoors again.

The smoke moves in at Ridgecrest Vineyard, Chehalem Mountain AVA. Harry Peterson-Nedry photo.

In the first days of Smokepocalypse, I had a lovely visitor, a barred owl right outside my living room window, so close I could almost touch it. Looking for food, no doubt. It was the most beautiful thing, and hopeful somehow. I thought of the many animals and birds displaced by the fire or killed because they couldn’t get away fast enough.

Meanwhile, thousands of people are suffering and homeless from the fires. We are grateful so many lives were spared. It will be a long time until we are whole again.

The Book

My Muse got the vapors and had to lie down for a while. She is coming back to life, albeit slowly. The events of this year have been hard on creativity for me and so many others. While some are producing more than ever I have flailed between bursts of verbiage and Nothing. Several chapters are written, plus I have a title which you will be privy to in the fulness of time.

Book Giveaway!

I will give away 10 Kindle copies of BLACKTHORN a gothic thriller on Goodreads. The contest runs from November 13-December 13, and you can enter here. It’s a great read for these dark, wintery days. Settle yourself in with a steaming mug of tea and allow yourself to be transported to another time and place. The book also is available in paperback here.

Miracles Happen

In six weeks I’ll be grandma to a baby boy! Every beautiful day is cherished. My daughter sent a sonogram photo to me this morning. His little hand was the only part visible. There is a name, and a nursery and a Beep Beep the Bump drive-by baby shower this weekend put on by Wynne’s friends because she was not going to get through this without a proper, if unusual, baby shower. Our kids are so amazing and creative!

Miracles are everywhere. You only have to look for them.

Barred owl at my condo 9/9/2020.

Stay well, dear ones.


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  • Laurie Wickwire says:

    Congratulations on the expected new arrival! I am sure the creative bug will bite you again soon Judy.

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