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How would you like to pump up your reading habit to, say, 100 books a year?

Portland attorney and blogger (Rose City Reader) Gilion Dumas  Gilion Dumascan help you reach this goal. When she is not representing victims of child sexual abuse and elder abuse, Dumas usually is attached to a book in some fashion. She presented a great list of ideas to increase your reading at a talk to members and guests at the Town Club yesterday.

Her 10 suggestions are guaranteed to make a more prolific reader out of anyone. The first is a no-brainer. Join a book club. If you’re already in a book club, join two book clubs. Two book clubs equals two books per month. You’re on your way! If you’re not in a book club, start one.

Second–“The Lists”. Dumas is as addicted to lists as she is to books. To see some of her lists, visit the blog site. She has lists of best books from everywhere. It will freshen up your own reading list and get you going to the book store or library in search of new inspiration. Her personal favorite? Erica Jong’s Top 100 Novels by Women.

Third–“Pick a Prize”. Dumas lists the prize winners on Rose City Reader, and there are plenty of prizes: Pulitzer, Nobel, National Book Award, Man Booker, the Edgar…. All of us want to stick with the winners. My own book club has picked many of our reads from prize lists. They’re new, they’re hot, and most of them are good.

Four–“Be a complete-ist”. If you’ve enjoyed a book by a previously unfamiliar author and want to read more, you can easily find the rest of that author’s work by going online. Dumas recommends pulling up the author’s Wikipedia page. “Authors often change publishers,” she said, “and when that happens, the new publisher may not list all the author’s previous works.” Wikipedia has them all. The other source is the What’s Next database. Type in the author’s name and it will list all his or her works. Series are listed in order of publication.

Whoopee! Information a person can use.

Dumas began her reading habit as a very young child. “I was reading books on my own in first or second grade,” she said. Her parents began paying her to read–10 cents per book, 25 cents per classic. Listen up, parents and grandparents! “Get the habit when you’re a little kid and you’ve got it for life,” she said.

Stand by for more of Gilion Dumas’s tips to read more and get more out of the reading you do in an upcoming blog.


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  • Great to see you there, Judy! I should confess that my own book club only meets every other month — we can’t stand the pressure of a book a month deadline!

  • Christine May Deal says:

    My favorite “find” all the author might have written website is:

  • Linda Baldwin says:

    Wow! I thought I was doing good reading 52 books a year. Guess I’m just slow. I really like her suggestions though and use several myself. I hope every reader joins a book group. You end up reading books you’d never choose yourself, and usually learn something. Cheers to all who read and think.

  • I use that website all the time! It’s terrific.

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