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At a group I hang out with, we often say “It’s the process….” Sometimes I don’t want to hear about processes, but somebody else wisely said that it’s the journey that is important, not the destination. I like to think of it as the game. Sherlock Holmes (and more recently one of my favorite detectives Thomas Lynley) would raise himself from a drug-induced fog and announce to Watson, “The game is afoot.” Yes!

This week I at last found a critique group.¬†They all are women of a certain age, very intelligent, good writers, engaged in life. An overall good feel to the whole thing. (Yes, I know that’s an incomplete sentence. I did it on purpose.) My friend Linda has been involved in such a group for years, and it has done her immeasurable good. This is what I have wanted. If you are a writer, it’s a way to move forward, think differently about what you are doing, stretch. I am sending them the first chapter of my next novel, and we will dissect that in a couple of weeks.

Next thing up for me is marketing. My book order should be here by June 12, Ian’s birthday, or at the latest the 14th. If you are a local you can stop by and get your copy from me. And of course ask for it in your local bookstore. According to iUniverse, I have sold one (1) copy so far. The ones I buy don’t count. I need to sell 500 retail, and then they will give me a little Editor’s Choice sticker. It’s like Sunday School…do this and get a star. But I’ve always liked stars, so your aid in this matter is strongly solicited. The Editor’s Choice sticker is duly noted on other bookseller web sites, and then more people take a look, and so it goes.

I’ll be signing books in Newberg on July 3 in the Chehalem Winery tasting room as part of the First Friday Art Walk. I plan to bring the “little cheesy bits” that Emma set out each night at the Westerly, so everyone can experience them first hand. They are inspired by DoDo McIntyre, Hilda Rumpole’s old school chum in the late John Mortimer’s Rumpole of the Bailey series. For now, this is my first public signing.

Check out the Events page for more information as the marketing journey progresses. Oh, and stop in and say hi–either here or at one of my signings.

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