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It’s difficult for someone like me to keep secrets, even if sometimes you have to.

It has been nearly two months since I chose the image for the cover of my upcoming book, The Man Who Wasn’t There. Searching for the right image is a process that can take several days. For The Difficult Sister I had a specific idea for a cover, and searched photo stock companies for a week looking for what I wanted. I never found that image, but I did locate a beautiful, evocative image of the coast near Bandon, Oregon, that I felt was suitable in that it embodied darkness and suggestion.

Well, this time around was easier because we are back in Oregon wine country and, like Emma, I know where the bones are buried out there. After looking at several stock images, many available for as little as $14, I called my friend  Doreen Wynja. She provided what I asked for, but my choices were met by resistance from my author platform guru, Aaron Yeagle. (He was right, by the way!)

We did, at last, settle on an image. And this is it!!! Just wait until you see what Aaron is doing with the cover design. I am so excited to show you that too, when the time is right.

Kiff Vinyards_003This image is of Kiff Vineyards, located in the McMinnville area. I chose it because it says “Oregon” in a way I found lacking in the stock shots we looked at. The lighting on the vines is fantastic, and there is just enough hazy moodiness to give it the attitude I’m looking for. I also loved Doreen’s photos from the International Pinot Noir Celebration’s Indian Salmon Bake, but Aaron assured me they were not for the cover. Usually designers know best

At this point, we are in the never-ending-excitement stage of the journey. I am working on a wrap-up and rewrite of the book. This takes time, but we are still on schedule to have the e-book out by end of May. So stay with me here, friends.

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  • Nadine Luther says:

    Oh yay! I love bothe the photograph and the title of the book! Just the title gets me excited. I’m so looking forward to arrival of the whole book!

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