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Claudia is a baby pangolin–a small, aardvark-like creature–who shows up in Momo’s pocket at her grandfather’s stinky fish market in Wuhan, China. And she is the star of Profile Theatre‘s five-episode audio drama Claudia, A Love Story, now available for audio streaming at

It’s a wild, clever, and fun story line, with plenty of situations, romance, and mostly adult humor sprinkled in with politics and a fair amount of ominous coughing. The production is top quality, and, as in all good theatrical productions, there’s a message about how we relate to one another in stressful times.

Directed by Josh Hecht Claudia, A Love Story, was inspired by Paula Vogel’s ‘Covid Bake-off’. Vogel has taught playwriting for 30 years, using her signature ‘playwriting bake-off’: a
method for creating new work quickly with a recipe of ingredients, including plots,
settings, characters, and other source material. On April 3, she released a ‘Covid
Bake-Off’ using the structure of the classic German play La Ronde and characters
from around the globe from Wuhan to Tehran, Milan, and more.

This production, the first episodes of which were released this week, uses the same structure, drawing on the creativity of nine playwrights, some local, some not, who collaborated on a series of five episodes. It’s a beautiful audio production, and may be enjoyed on your device for free. Listeners are encouraged to donate to Prism Health, a primary care center founded by Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) to help people living with HIV and AIDS.

Playwrights responsible for Claudia, A Love Story, are Hansol Jung, Hilary Bettis, Dan Kitrosser, Harrison David Rivers, Christopher Oscar Peña, Jason Grote, Philip Dawkin, E.M. Lewis, and Anna Ziegler.

The cast includes Francis Jue, “GonGon”; Barbie Wu, “Momo”; Kristina Haddad, “Atoosa”;
Val Landrum, “Claudia”; Doren Elias, “Babak”; Amir Arison, “Hayder”; Cristi Miles, “Penelope”;
Dan Kitrosser, “Dan”; and Mia Katigbak, “Mingxia”.

Production team members are Jamie M. Rea, line producer; Matt Wiens, sound design and original music; Robert A. K. Gonyo, mixing and mastering; and Maya Bourgeois, stage manager.

While this is not an audience-filled theatre, Claudie, A Love Story is the next-best thing!



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    What s concept! Anna Ziegler, one of the playwrights, is in my swim class.

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