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No, it is not I who is bursting out all over… The bookselling situation took on a life of its own today, and I fervently hope the momentum continues to build.

I took a drive out to wine country to deliver books to a couple of wineries–Bergstrom Wines and Rex Hill Vineyards. Met my friend Martha for lunch at the Dundee Bistro, and ran into Dick and Nancy Ponzi. Nancy wanted books for the tasting room and one for herself. (She is a mystery buff–who knew?) The Ponzis were excited to learn that I set a scene of An Unholy Alliance in their very own restaurant, but both told me they would not appreciate it if any bodies showed up there!

Then I toodled over to McMinnville to Third Street Books. It’s always been a great place to browse and buy, and this bookstore really promotes local writers. My great good fortune, they already had the book in their shop. It had just arrived. So I signed their copies and we talked about a reading/signing, which has been set for October 1. I am adding all these wonderful outlets to my links so you can find them easily.

Reviews are starting to pop up on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble web sites. Check them out, and if you have read the book please add one of your own. It really helps! Thanks. Don’t forget the Northwest Book Festival this Saturday in West Linn. See you there!

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  • Aaron Yeagle says:

    Wow! Very kewl. Man you can go anywhere and you know people! Book reading & signing, too. Can I come heckle?

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