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Judy, Kathryn and Ginny

Judy, Kathryn and Ginny

Wynne and Mama
Wynne and Judy

Thursday night, my place, friends and family gathered for the official release of An Unholy Alliance.

The author spent the day fretting over shortcakes, the weather, and the state of strawberries, but managed to find some great berries at a roadside stand in Tigard. The shortcakes turned out fine; however, the author couldn’t locate the baking powder so substitutes were invoked. (*See all the crap you miss out on around here?) She worried that it would rain and that everyone would hate the book. As it turned out, many friends and relations stopped in and for two hours we had a perfectly good time! (It started raining about midnight and has been going on and off since!)

Girlfriends applaud the reading

Girlfriends applaud the reading

Here are some of the images from the fete. I gave my first reading and signed a ton of books. I am so glad you all came over and shared this time. It meant so much. Even Sadie, my wonderful dog, had a good time visiting with everyone. I’m sure she managed to cage some snacks.

I tried to talk to everyone, but it was difficult. Wynne and her friends Laura and Molly helped out. Molly was the official photographer. Thanks Molly! You were awesome. Pat cut up the strawberries and provided positive mental images to keep me going. Cheryl came by early in the day and gave me strength. People brought flowers. Harry and Didi came, and Harry sent several bottles of  Chehalem wine which everyone enjoyed.  A ton of women from WBBS came. Thank you, thank you for your support. I have the most wonderful and supportive friends! I’m grateful for all of you. This was great practice for what lies ahead this summer and fall.

Just so you know, as of Monday June 22, the books are available in Argyle Winery. See “Buy the Book” link at the sidebar.

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