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Gentle readers will have noticed that very little has been revealed in the first two Emma Golden mysteries about Emma’s appearance. While that is deliberate on my part, it probably is a good idea to let y’all know how Emma appears to her creator.

Emma was born in 1951 and raised in a small town in eastern Oregon that looks and feels almost exactly like the small town in the film Napoleon Dynamite. She’s tallish, about 5’7″, with a rangy, somewhat athletic build that has more to do with genes than any effort on her part. Her hair is medium length, brown gone to gray, and she looks her age. She hates fussy clothes, and is happy in jeans and sweaters. She’s a loner, and actually a rather shy. But as readers know, she seems to lose her shyness and become another person when she is helping or protecting her friends. She would much rather stick up for someone else than for herself. She has a strong sense of loyalty, and certainly her own code of honor. And, in her dark little way, she can be very funny.

Like many fictional detectives, Emma is a flawed character. She is a recovering alcoholic, and often is tempted–particularly in stressful times–for the respite and nepenthe of a good stiff drink. She lives with a strong sense of guilt because of her past behavior, and always is trying to be a better person. Alas, whilst her intentions are good, she has this little habit of saying or doing things on impulse. She’s also just a teeny bit nosy. These are the character traits that get her into trouble–often terrible trouble.

“The Man Who Wasn’t There”, the upcoming Book 3 of the series, is set in the summer of 2006 and finds Emma once again in her beloved Oregon wine country–this time at a major summer wine event. Here she encounters several new characters, plus a handful of old ones whom readers will enjoy seeing again.

Coming soon: cover reveal, plus more information on the plot.


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  • Nadine luther says:

    Exactly how I envision her!

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the description! I am looking forward to Emma’s new adventure!

  • Margie Hurle says:

    I’m glad that Emma is back in the wine country that she knows and loves. A wine event – what a great setting for a tangled web. An unflawed character would be boring; Emma is far from being two-dimensional. And she looks much as she always has. Looking forward to the next round.

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