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In 2.5 Minute Ride, now onstage at Profile Theatre, playwright Lisa Kron takes a slice of her own life and builds it into something universal.

Each summer, the Kron family faithfully visited Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, to ride the rollercoasters. Not everybody rode the rollercoasters. But Lisa and her father did–even when he was 74 and in compromised health.

Allison Mickelson as Lisa in 2.5 Minute Ride at Profile Theatre. Photo by David Kinder.

Lisa (played by Allison Mickelson) tolerated the annual roller coaster vacation because her father loved it so much. But only when she accompanies her father on a trip to Auschwitz, where his parents died during the Holocaust, does she truly understand why the 2.5 minute ride is so important to him. Says Kron of her play, “Humor and horror are juxtaposed and you might not know for a second whether you are at Auschwitz or at the amusement park. The show does not tell you when to laugh and when to be solemn. The response is up to you.”

This 75-minute production, directed by Profile’s founding artistic director Jane Unger, is a meditation on family tragedy and its survivors. At times brilliantly funny, it also is tender, loving, and ultimately life-affirming.

Lisa Kron is the playwright who transformed Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel Fun Home into a Tony award-winning play. When it ran last fall at Portland Center Stage, Allison Mickelson played Alison.

2.5 Minute Ride marks the beginning of Profile’s 18-month double season, which will highlight alternating works by playwrights Lisa Kron and Anna Deavere Smith.

Profile’s mission is to produce a season of first-class productions…centered around a single writer (or, in this case, two). This is its third year of producing solely the work of women and people of color.

2.5 Minute Ride runs Thursdays through Sundays through Febuary 11 in the Artists Repertory Theatre venue.

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    I was grateful to experience this play with you! Thanks for the life-affirming ride.

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